Ageless Glamour Girls: Reflections on Aging 3 (Re-Post)


Oct 4 2023 • 34 mins

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Who doesn’t enjoy hearing from a panel of talkative Ageless Glamour Girls? This is the first Wednesday of the month, which means there’s yet another episode of: “Ageless Glamour Girls: Reflections on Aging.” Welcome to the “Ageless Chat-Fest!”

Staying on point,  as we continue our hiatus we bring you yet another great podcast from our Season 2 files.  Today’s panel features Lisa Bedian, a public relations and communications specialist, and  Charlene Carr,  a retired college recruiter and scholarship coordinator. They speak their truths on this aging journey, on topics including their feelings on aging and its challenges, finding one’s joy, making new friends as we age, and taking a step back in time. And wait til you hear their advice to younger women – those Ageless Glamour Girls Rising. ’So much #goodstuff!

Thanks for listening, sharing, and subscribing to the podcast, Luvvies! I appreciate you!  And here's to Healthy Aging and Joyful Living! 🤗🤗🤗

BIO: Charlene S. Carr

Charlene retired from full-time employment in 2015, as a student recruiter and scholarship coordinator, at the North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University (NCAT), the largest public HBCU in the nation. Currently, she’s working part-time as a Processing Assistant, at the Registrar’s office. Charlene has been married for 55 years and is a mother of two, and has six grandchildren.

BIO: Lisa Bedian

Lisa Bedian is a passionate storyteller, strategic thinker, leader and lifelong learner.  Working in state and local government for more than 20 years, she’s won 25 communications and broadcasting awards.  An adjunct professor of sports marketing, she broke glass ceilings in sports broadcasting early in her career. She’s bilingual in Armenian and an active community volunteer.

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