Ageless Glamour Girls: Reflections on Aging 4 (Re-Post)


Oct 18 2023 • 42 mins

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It’s time for our #agelesschatfest, where women share their thoughts on navigating this fascinating journey! Our guests, my former colleagues at various companies,  cover everything from revealing one’s age to ageism, plastic surgery, loneliness, careers, and of course finding one’s joy. They keep it real and are so darn inspirational.  And BTW,  Karen Herlands and Pat St, Claire happen to be co-authors in my soon-to-be-released anthology: "Ageless Glamour Girls: Reflections on Aging."
Pat St. Claire: Content Creator
Pat St. Claire has had a love affair with reading and writing since early childhood.  But, once she learned about journalism and how a free press is essential to democracy, she set her sights on becoming a reporter.  Her broadcasting career of more than 50 years, has taken her to many places, including to CNN for nearly three decades.  Pat lives in Atlanta and enjoys traveling to warm, sunny places. Instagram: Twitter: @patstclaire

Karen Herlands: Certified Holistic Health Coach
Karen is a retired videotape editor who spent decades editing documentary programs and news stories for air at CBS in New York City. Now living in historic Simsbury, Connecticut with her husband Ross (and two cats),  Karen is a certified Whole Health and Nutrition Coach, Certified Chinese Herbalist, and Tui Na Massage Therapist.  Instagram: @herlandshealth_

Judith Remekie: Media Creator
Judith Remekie is an award-winning broadcast media segment producer, writer, content creator, and SAG actor.  At age 20 she landed her first original series at CBS and FOX in South Florida, producing and writing short documentary sports features.   Today she is a broadcast storyteller for corporate and medical giants including Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Disney, St. Jude, and Burger King, and has recently added real estate visual marketing to her client list.  As a 3-time cancer survivor, Judith is a passionate advocate of patient rights and healthy living. Instagram:

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