Tips on Becoming a Published Author, with Germaine Miller-Summers


Jan 31 2024 • 34 mins

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So… you’ve finally come into the light of self-discovery and fulfillment. Congratulations!  And, you decided that the first thing you want to accomplish is to become an author. Excellent decision! It’s not too late! In this episode, we chat with Publisher Germaine Miller-Summers, founder and CEO of HOV, LLC.   In this episode of the AGG podcast, Germaine shares nuggets on how and where to begin your writing journey and offers tips to published authors. She also just released her podcast, "Hope of Vision Connect with Germaine Miller-Summers." And BTW, the video version of this episode will soon be available on the Ageless Glamour Girls YouTube Channel. Thanks for subscribing to and downloading the show, Luvvies!

*** BIO: A Visionary. An Evoker. An Experience. Germaine Miller-Summers is a dream revitalizer. She has the innate ability to listen to one’s passions and literary or entertainment goals, and generously pour her inspiration, resources, and innovation into their vision. Her objectivity allows her to provide crucial constructive criticism and foresee potential barriers to success. She is also the founder and CEO of HOV, LLC with the rapidly growing divisions of Hope of Vision Publishing; with upwards of 500 titles published, and HOV Media, LLC a Multi-Media Consulting Firm.

NEW PODCAST LAUNCH: "Hope of Vision Connect with Germaine Miller-Summers" is a podcast that shares the power of storytelling as a tool for connection, understanding, and inspiration. Whether it's overcoming adversity, achieving remarkable feats, or simply finding joy in the every day, "HOV Connect" invites guests to open up about their journeys, fostering a sense of community and encouraging others to embrace their own stories.

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