5 Minutes with SELF

Educating All Learners Alliance

Apr 19 2021 • 5 mins

This podcast episode features 5 minutes with SELF. SELF is an organization that empowers schools to be welcoming and effective communities for ALL students by developing the capacity of stakeholders through coaching, guidance in systems development, and collaborative trainings. Throughout the 5 minute episode, we spoke with SELF’s Executive Director, Aqua Stovall, and she shared about their Special Education Leader Fellowship, which was created to meet the need for high-quality special educational programming in schools. The Fellowship program develops special education and RTI leaders, aspiring leaders, and their principals to create high-impact programs for students with learning exceptionalities. These programs serve 3200 students across 45 schools. Check out their website for more information!

Mentioned People/Resources:

SELF’s website: https://www.selfnola.org

More information on the Educating All Learners Alliance:

Website: www.educatingalllearners.org

Twitter: @educateall_org

YouTube: Educating All Learners