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After coronavirus posed unprecedented challenges to public schools around the country, in early 2020, a collection of organizations came together with the same mission - To help ensure the continuity of special education services during remote instruction. Educating All Learners Alliance (EALA) is an uncommon coalition of organizations committed to resource sharing and community-building that supports the efforts of the education community to meet the needs of students with disabilities. This podcast will feature people, resources, and useful information, with the hope to provide you with content that highlights best practices for schools and educators. We hope you enjoy this podcast, find useful resources from our community, and use it for the betterment of all learners. Check out our website at educatingalllearners.org, follow us on Twitter @educateall_org, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel Educating All Learners for more information!

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We are excited to share today's episode, where we spoke with Stephanie Wu from City Year! Stephanie is City Year's Senior Vice President and Chief Impact Officer. City Year was established in Boston more than three decades ago as a youth service and leadership development organization. They employ AmeriCorps members, who serve full-time in 320 public schools across the country, partnering with classroom teachers. In today's discussion, we were able to discuss the recent change of the AmeriCorps members being referred to as success coaches, and the incredible impact that the success coaches at City Year have had on the students they serve. Mentioned Resources: City Year’s website: https://www.cityyear.org/about/Evidence of City Year’s impact: https://www.cityyear.org/impact/evidence-of-impact/Overview document of Everybody Graduates Center 2020 study: https://www.cityyear.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/EGC_overview_FY20_05.20.pdf Blog that ties together the findings of two case studies conducted during COVID-19.Essay by Steph Wu and Gil Noam first published in Psychology Today about how to support the mental health and well-being of both students and adults in schools during and after the pandemic.Recent story about why our organization is avoiding the term “learning loss” as we support students during and after COVID-19--the essay underscores our asset-based approach.Info on City Year alumni, more than half of whom currently work in the education sector. More information on the Educating All Learners Alliance: Website: www.educatingalllearners.org Twitter: @educateall_org YouTube: Educating All Learners
Sep 27 2021
17 mins
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