Episode 236: Apex Ouroboros | Your Ankles Are Upside-Down | Lyfe As A Condition | Steve Lazarus

Slam City

Jul 4 2022 • 1 hr 8 mins

You didn’t know you needed Slam City until you couldn’t live without it. If you’re not into Slam City, then it’s not for you. If you are into it, welcome to the club.

Double X Quantimino

Brian might get a chance to hook up with a girl that he was too scared to hook up with in high school

The Dog-a: Apartment dog drama intensifies

Women Aren't Funny - ok, edit: "Funny Women" Aren't Funny - ok, "a psycho i'm talking to on Tinder isn't funny" –Brian

Quick brainstorm sesh: “Fingerking potatoes, these fat juicy tubers will fill up any size appetite. New ad idea?”

Foo Fighters Greatest Hits

Is edging by yourself unnecessary?

Fictional emo band in an audio drama - Lyfe As A Condition with Steve Lazarus, Geoff Solomon, and EZ Kill

Dry cleaning tip from GMN

This Is The Newz

‘Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet’ NFT Went on Sale for $48M. It Ended With a Top Bid of Just $280

Woman Who Deals Meth Says Selling Drugs Was The Only Job She Could Get

Wharton police looking for person who put 'Chick-Fil-A coming soon' sign up as prank

Man admitted to hospital after rare masturbation injury

Houston car dealership employee flips script on attempted robber, sends him running

Burrito’s Nippon Newz

Tokyo ramen chain brings the heat with Carolina Reaper miso soup

New burger in Japan combines fried chicken with…strawberries and cream?!?

Many young Japanese people aren’t drinking sake these days

What I Had For Lunch

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