Changing Course: Reimagining Education for America's Students

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Back for Season 2, Changing Course is a podcast from Teach For America’s One Day Studio that explores what’s possible within education. This season focuses on efforts by educators and activists to attract and retain BIPOC teachers and the critical impact on classroom learning and students. Host Jonathan Santos Silva (South Dakota ‘10)—a former teacher and principal and host of the podcast The Bored of Ed—speaks with students, teachers, and administrators at innovative nonprofits to find out how they break down barriers and improve student outcomes. read less

Our Editor's Take

Changing Course: Reimagining Education for America's Students is an important podcast. Host Jonathan Santos Silva discusses the latest US trends in improving education. Both parents and educators may appreciate this program.

The podcast discusses community alliance, school cultures, and reducing inequity for young learners. America's educational system does benefit many children. Yet studies and professionals suggest it is failing millions of others. Throughout its history, it has overlooked and harmed non-white and low-income students. Education activism helps the country provide needed resources. This includes resources for mental health as well as improved academics and opportunities.

In season one, Jonathan speaks with students from six innovative schools. Each podcast episode shares how their teachers take a new approach. The instructors consult their pupils about their needs. This model depends on students and teachers collaborating.

Each school district is unique. Jonathan reiterates this point when talking to children attending Todd County Middle School. Located in South Dakota, the school includes many students from the Lakota tribe. The school learns from Lakota culture how to create an inclusive environment. Teacher Kayla Camacho discusses new methods for supporting Native students and educators. Methods include professional development support. When more non-white teachers succeed, more students receive help and inspiration.

Season two of Changing Course focuses on educators who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Throughout the season, Jonathan sits down with leaders from Teach for America. TFA aims to give each student the best chance for success. What keeps BIPOC teachers out of the classroom? What challenges do they face from administrators? What methods could administrators use to keep them? In one episode, Jonathan speaks with Dr. Wenimo Okoya. The educator founded the Healing Schools Project. Dr. Okoya hopes that by helping teachers heal, students can heal, too.

Anyone interested in the future of America's youth may learn from Changing Course: Reimagining Education for America's Students. As the saying goes, "The children are the future." It's time to focus on their education. New podcast episodes appear twice a month.

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