Microcast: Constantly Hustling is the Worst Way to Create Massive Results in Your Life

Modern Leadership: The Podcast

Jul 28 2022 • 11 mins

Constantly "Hustling" is the old way to get what you really want in life.

I get it, there are so many entrepreneurs out there who say you need to constantly be hustling and working in order to be successful.

At many points of my life I felt the same way.

But do you know people who constantly hustle, and because of that, lose touch of the MOST important areas of their lives?

I've seen way too may people get into hustle mode, only to lose things they can never get back again.

Think about it this way... if you wanted to lose weight and get healthier, would you go the gym for 20 hours a day, every single day, thinking that hustling will actually help you achieve your goal quicker?

I hope not.

So what's the alternative?

Having been a workaholic myself, and studying people who were creating more without having to hustle, I've found a few key ingredients.

Today, I want to share one of those with you.


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If you're a coach who wants to grow your business, get more clients, and help them create incredible results, it all starts with influence.

Influence is how you get people to take action and show up for themselves consistently, in a way that doesn't require you to have to constantly hold their hand, because you're developing other leaders, not followers.

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