BYD: The Roar of China's EV Powerhouse

Driving with Dunne

Jun 22 2023 • 34 mins

BYD is an electric vehicle powerhouse. Already dominant globally in buses and trucks, BYD is now chasing Tesla for world leadership in battery-powered electric vehicles. The Shenzhen-based company will produce more than 3 million electric vehicles in 2023. Many of those cars and SUVs will find their way to global markets including Thailand, Mexico, Germany, the UK, Australia and Japan. For the casual observer, BYD might appear to be an overnight sensation. But this is not that case. BYD is a 30-year old company that persevered through lots of twists and turns before finally gaining traction in the late 2010s. In this Driving With Dunne episode, I have a conversation with my producer, Chris Donovan, to recount how BYD grew from an unknown battery maker for cellphones in the 1990s into a global champion in electrics today. What do we know about BYD's founder, Wang Chuanfu. How soon will we see BYD cars on American roads? BYD - which stands for Build Your Dreams - is a rich and captivating story, one that will give you a fresh appreciation for new-found Chinese might and confidence.

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