Writing The Blockbuster China Story That Won The Pulitizer: David Barboza, Co-Founder, The Wire - China - Part 1

Driving with Dunne

Sep 21 2023 • 48 mins

David Barboza won a Pulitzer prize for a blockbuster story he wrote while reporting in China for the New York Times. The story took years to research and write. Here is how things got started: Barboza had challenged himself with a daring and impossible goal. Would it be feasible, he wondered, to gather evidence that powerful leaders in China's Communist Party were amassing great wealth? He figured that if he were able to prove that a high-ranking family had assets of around $5 million dollars, it would be a massive coup. Never in a million years did he dream that his investigations would uncover that the Prime Minister's family had accrued more than 2 billion dollars in concealed wealth - company shares, cash, diamonds, gold and homes. In this week's Driving With Dunne episode, Mr Barboza brings us, step by step, into the events as they unfolded, as he experienced them. "The longer it takes you to publish the story," security experts at the New York Times told him, "the more dangerous things will get."