Why This New Hampshire Family Is Not Going Electric – At Least Not Yet. Guest: Entrepreneur Andy Minckler

Driving with Dunne

May 4 2023 • 29 mins

Drive the streets of San Diego and it will feel like the whole world is going electric. Here is a Tesla Model 3. There is a Hyundai Ioniq 5. Look at that Lucid Air. Or that cyber orange Mach E. Take your driving to the northern climes, like Detroit, Michiganor Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the picture looks totally different. There full-size pickup trucks and SUVs powered by gasoline engines rule the road. Electrics are simply hard to find, like some endangered species. What explains the dramatic difference? Why is California covered in EVs while people in the north are hanging onto their gasoline powered vehicles? For this week's Driving With Dunne episode conversation, we speak to Andy Minckler, a regular listener to the podcast. Andy lives in New Hampshire about an hour from Boston. He is tempted to go electric. But something is holding him back. What are his concerns? And what might make him change his mind?

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