Taiwan: China's Salami Slicing Takeover Strategy. With Guest Bethany Allen, Author, Beijing Rules

Driving with Dunne

Jun 29 2023 • 34 mins

How much do you know about Taiwan? Until recently, most people in the world, if they were being honest, would say practically nothing. But not today. Today, Taiwan finds itself in a highly precarious situation. The People's Republic of China has clear its intentions to integrate Taiwan, to take control of the island and its 22 million residents. Not so fast, say the people of Taiwan. And the are not alone. The United States - most economies around the world, are heavily reliant on Taiwan for supply of the advanced chips that power everything from iPhone to Teslas. China cannot tolerate a future where Taiwan is separate from China. America and its allies cannot accept such a Chinese takeover. Two powerful forces diametrically opposed. How will this high stakes drama play out? Joining is today is Bethany Allen, author of a tremendous new book called Beijing Rules. Bethny, who lives and works in Taiwan, gives us her view on how China plans to take control of Taiwan. And how they might even get it done without firing a shot. Wait - how is that even possible?