Driving with Dunne

Dunne Insights LLC

Electric vehicles are the future. But with new technologies comes confusion! What's real? And what is hyperbole? Who are the people to know and what are their visions? Leading global electric vehicle innovators and executives join Michael J. Dunne in no-nonsense conversations about what that electric future looks like. Speaking with some of the biggest in the field like Fisker, NIO, Lucid, Xpeng and more, Dunne - author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker – knows the business of electric vehicles. He’s going to answer questions like: Which EV brands are the best? Why is the charging experience so unpredictable? Who makes the best battery? The electric vehicle revolution is a global race that China now leads with America way back in their rear view mirror. Who will win out - and why? Every episode of Driving With Dunne equips you with powerful new knowledge about the future of these battery-propelled computers on wheels. read less