Equity One: Broadway's Happy Hour

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Elliott Mattox and Caleb Dicke bring you a podcast where two BFFs in NYC get together to chat about life, theatre and everything - all while enjoying an Equity One!

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HUNGOVER: Getting Back to Broadway (Trailer)
HUNGOVER: Britney Coleman (Company) - Rehearsals & PerformancesRemembering Sondheim with Britney ColemanHUNGOVER: Tim Hughes (Hadestown) - PerformancesHUNGOVER: Pierre Jean Gonzalez (Hamilton) - PerformancesHUNGOVER: Chris Medlin (Diana) - Pre RehearsalsHUNGOVER: Britney Coleman (Company) - Pre RehearsalsEp 53. Rosé and Rainboots with Intermission Cellars feat. Katie WebberHUNGOVER: Tim Hughes (Hadestown) - RehearsalsHUNGOVER: Pierre Jean Gonzalez (Hamilton) - RehearsalsHUNGOVER: Timothy R. Hughes (Hadestown) - Pre-RehearsalsHUNGOVER: Behind the Scenes with Benji Rivera (Moulin Rouge) and Greg Dassonville (DassonVogue)HUNGOVER: Pierre Jean Gonzalez (Hamilton) - Pre-RehearsalsHUNGOVER: Getting Back to Broadway (Trailer)Ep. 52: HELLBENT Movie ReviewEp. 51: PoliTALKS with Marti Gould CummingsEp. 50: In Tents with Michael WartellaBPN Happy Hour: The Take On feat. Amir YassaiBPN Happy Hour: Chaos Twins (Sasha Hutchings & Nik Walker)BPN Happy Hour: Alan H. Green (Broadway Bounty Hunter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)BPN Happy Hour: Do You Hear the People Sing? feat. Eric Ulloa