Give Yourself Grace!

That Christian Blogger

Jan 4 2023 • 24 mins

In this Christian Podcast episode, I reflect on “Giving yourself grace!” This topic is so crucial in one’s purpose journey!

PART 1: Why is it hard to be kind to yourself?

I ask the question: Give an example of a time when you showed someone else grace then… When was the last time you showed yourself grace?

PART 2: I then go in-depth into ways to be kind to yourself i.e.

· Being more patient with myself.

· Realizing it’s not a one-time event

· Permitting yourself to relax

· Stop being so hard on yourself.

· Giving yourself a break.

· Being kind to yourself

· Forgiving yourself

· Cutting yourself some slack

· Recognizing that you’re not perfect, and that’s okay.

· Everyone makes mistakes – what counts is how you learn and grow from them

· Acknowledging and celebrating your progress (small or big)

· Practicing mindfulness.

PART 3: The importance of seeing yourself the way God sees you!

Lastly, I discuss that: Giving yourself grace doesn’t mean you’re excusing your bad behavior or making excuses for yourself. It simply means recognizing that you’re human and will sometimes make mistakes. And when you do, extend grace to yourself just as you would to others


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