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60. College Choices and Forgiveness:  Mastering Student Loans
Feb 15 2024
60. College Choices and Forgiveness: Mastering Student Loans
In this introspective episode, Laura Sexton delves into the pivotal moments surrounding college choices and the financial implications that follow. Through candid personal anecdotes, she invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences and confront the weight of past decisions made during their college years.With honesty and vulnerability, Laura shares her journey of realizing that attending college wasn't just about selecting a picturesque campus or chasing name recognition. Instead, it was about making informed decisions that aligned with her educational goals and financial realities. She acknowledges the pressure many face, especially first-generation college students, to pursue higher education without fully understanding the long-term consequences.Amidst reflections on her own missteps, the host emphasizes the importance of self-forgiveness. She encourages listeners to release the burden of guilt and shame associated with past mistakes, recognizing that growth and wisdom often emerge from those very moments of vulnerability.In this episode we’ll learn:.     strategic college decision making.     financial empowerment .     embracing self forgivenessLearn more about working with Laura Sexton · Become a master with your money. Learn more here! · Checkout the resource library here! Want to ask a question Laura can answer on the podcast? Connect with her here! Send an email to or send a DM on Instagram @accelerateyourlegacy