Old Age Is Creeping Up On Me

Taming the WILD in Your Dog

Jan 22 2020 • 56 mins

Time waits for no man and no dog. If your dog lives long enough, old age will creep up on it just like it will to you. When it does, it will bring a host of ailments that can include an increase in anxiety, confusion and dementia, changes in digestive function, arthritis, and degradation of sensory input, to name a few. These ailments, singularly or in combination, can lead to a sharp decline in quality of life for you and your dog or a shortened lifespan. The good news is that simple changes in diet, physical exercise, and living conditions, along with the addition of some dietary supplements and specialized medications that have proven to enhance cognitive function, can reduce the debilitating effects of old age. Learn from Bryan what you need to do to slow the hands of time, so you and your dog can have more of it together. Bryan will also answer training questions sent in by our listeners. If you wish for Bryan to answer your questions, send them to Bryan@TamingtheWild.com