The Pool of Mean(ing)

Taming the WILD in Your Dog

Nov 13 2019 • 55 mins

The pet industry is a 70 billion dollar a year economic powerhouse that employs slick marketing to convince you that its main objective is the welfare of your pet. However, welfare is defined as something that aids or promotes well-being. But, it is also defined as a contented state of being happy and prosperous. When you turn to a pet professional for help regarding your relationship with your dog, which definition of welfare does that individual adhere to; the one that aids or promotes the well-being of your dog, or the one that is more concerned with the professional’s state of happiness and financial success, or worse yet, their hidden agenda? Tune in this week and listen to Bryan as he challenges pet professionals to lay aside their differences in training methodologies and forgo their personal agendas for the sake of your our dogs' welfare. Also, Bryan will be answering listener questions and emails. If you have a question for Bryan, send it to