A Sucker For A Cute Puppy

Taming the WILD in Your Dog

Dec 11 2019 • 56 mins

Puppy eyes resemble the black holes that exist in outer space in that they have so much gravitational pull that once you cast your gaze upon them, your emotions and your sense of logic are sucked in, and there’s no escape. As a consequence, you end up with a dog that is incompatible with your lifestyle, your family, or your existing pets. Making matters worse, your new dog is a genetic mess that will require a direct deposit made out to your veterinarian for the next decade! Tune in this week to learn how not to be a sucker for every cute puppy. Instead, Bryan will be giving tips on how to find perhaps not the cutest puppy, but the perfect one for you and your family. Bryan will also be answering listener questions and emails. If you have a question you would like Bryan to answer on the show, send it to Bryan@TamingtheWild.com Episode Key words (Comma Separated) puppy, dog breeders, dog breeding, puppy mills, selecting a good puppy, finding a good breeder