You Say Jump. I say, How High?

Taming the WILD in Your Dog

Oct 30 2019 • 53 mins

In some period of their lives, more than 90% of dogs jump on their household members entering the house. Children, seniors, or disabled adults are knocked over by jumping dogs. Children and adults that are fearful of dogs are traumatized by jumping dogs. Dog nails rip clothing and skin. It’s a real problem and one that dog owners seek help stopping as much as they do in preventing dog aggression. Does being a household member differ from being a stranger when it comes to why your dog jumps on people? Does exercise affect the frequency of jumping? Is your dog more apt to jump on people inside your home or outside your home? Regardless of the answers, how do you terminate this problematic behavior? Tune in this week and learn about the factors affecting dog jumping on people and how best to train this undesirable behavior out of your dog. Also, Bryan will be answering listener questions and emails. If you have a question for Bryan, send it to