Wait, what?

Taming the WILD in Your Dog

Jan 15 2020 • 57 mins

Before embarking upon training your new dog, three factors must always be taken into account. First, how will I gain my dog’s attention? Second, what will motivate my dog to learn? Lastly, is it even possible for my dog to learn what it is I wish to teach it? Of the three factors, the latter is the most commonly overlooked when training puppies. Yet, it is the most critical of the three. As it is with a child, a young puppy’s learning abilities are defined by its age, not its owner’s desire. Placing unrealistic expectations on your puppy’s response to your teachings will not only lead to poor performance, but it can also have life-long consequences. Tune in this week and listen to Bryan as he explains why staying in the lane of natural developmental periods is so important when training your new puppy. Bryan will also be answering listener questions and emails. If you have a question you would like Bryan to answer on the show, send it to Bryan@TamingtheWild.com