DOMKcast with Spider One of Powerman 5000


May 25 2018 • 37 mins

Where did all of the ugly people go in the music business? Spider One pondered this thought during the Billboard Music Awards a few weeks back and posed the question on twitter saying “Watched the @BBMAs and realized what is missing in music. Ugly people. Ugly people make the best music. Enough with all these model/entertainers.”. Fear not though, after discussing this dilemma with Lunchbox and Promo Brady he realized that we do have Ed Sheeran. Spider touched on his new album “New Wave” and why he decided to go with that title. Perhaps paying homage to The Cars, The Cure, and more. The first single is “Sid Vicious In A Dress”. Shockingly Spider found out how archaic of a name Sid Vicious is these days. Possibly the epidome of lyrical cynosure. Fan response to “New Wave” has been positive and Powerman 5000 has been making the rounds on tour and will be making a stop at Rocklahoma. He talked about the chaotic feel of music festivals in general. Powerman 5000 has been looped into the the genre of Nu Metal. Hear Spider’s thoughts on the shift in popular music in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. You might have heard of his brother Rob Zombie. The two have similar interests in music and movies both dabbling those areas. Hear about Spider’s various directing projects and how often he gets to see his brother with their busy schedules. Complete conversation with Spider One of Powerman 5000 can be heard below on Episode 58 of the DOMKcast.