DAVID & JONATHAN: Biased toward love (with Mason Mennenga)

Vacation Bible School Podcast

Apr 10 2023 • 1 hr 38 mins

We're back in the Book of Samuel, starting in chapter 18, where giant-killer David meets Israel's other war hero, Prince Jonathan. To quote Taylor Swift, sparks fly. Platonic sparks, your Sunday school teacher assures you.

  • There's a case these two were just extremely affectionate political allies. That case has been made, and we're not very interested in it.
  • Interpret this story however you want. We're completely convinced this was the Bible's first great romance. Thanks.
  • We're also joined by popular YouTuber, podcaster, and theologian Mason Mennenga to discuss how this story is just one of many examples that show scripture reflects how we view it.
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Pre-intro: "The More I Seek You" as performed by Maple City Worship