How to make product design matter in a highly technical domain | Robin Titus

Cieden Podcast

Apr 3 2024 • 45 mins

Robin Titus is a self-taught designer who built one of the first design teams at Capgemini 10 years ago. He started as a product manager and then ventured into design to follow his aspirations.

Throughout the 25+ years of the product journey, Robin has had a varied career that includes involvement with startups, scale-ups, and corporates.

Currently, he leads the product design team at Aiven, a triple-unicorn scale-up based in Helsinki, Finland. Robin founded two startups and is an active mentor and coach of early-stage ventures in a corporate incubator based in Germany.

In this meaningful discussion, we talk about the changes in the product designer role and what it takes to make a company truly focused on design.

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