Such A Good Feeling with Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

"Such A Good Feeling" is an interview podcast series from Steve Anderson (Producer/Musical Director for Kylie, Westlife, Steps) featuring conversations with creatives and performers about their process and the magical moments in their lives that changed everything even though at the time it may not have seemed like it. There are some superb stories from across the spectrum detailing how these extraordinary people got their break and what skills they learned along the way to continue to be the best in the business.

Paul Wright (Studio Engineer/Clinical Hypnotherapist)
Mar 14 2022
Paul Wright (Studio Engineer/Clinical Hypnotherapist)
Paul Wright is someone who literally knows all about good feelings as he is able to help people access them in his role as Clinical Hypnotherapist for PhobiaGone. But he started out as an engineer at Sarm West Studios working on classic albums including "Faith" by George Michael and "Welcome To The Pleasuredome" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. He talks here about his first ever session when he was training on night reception when he ended up being part of the Band Aid recordings. Our history is very linked though as he was responsible for recording and engineering the majority of Brothers In Rhythm productions and remixes including "Confide In Me" by Kylie along with the album that it was part of, "Nobody Else" album with Take That (including "Never Forget") and our work with icons including Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Sting and David Bowie.  He talks here about how he got into studios , his constant passion to learn how things work which led him onto studying to see how neuroscience affects human behaviour and eventually a decision to change his career path completely and focus entirely on helping people overcome their fears and anxieties. He has helped so many people and discusses here how life changing one off therapy can be not only affordable but make the biggest differences to peoples lives, sometimes actually saving them in the instance of someone having a fear of needles and not being able to take serious tests. I can't recommend him or his practise highly enough and have so much gratitude for everything he brought to our team when we were at Sarm West. More on Paul here