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Discover the latest topics, trends, and discussion points in the world of procurement technology with Supplier Experience Live from HICX. Listen as we talk to industry experts and leading analysts from around the world. HICX enables the world’s leading brands and manufacturers to deliver a great experience to their suppliers. We work with enterprises globally to help them overcome significant challenges in supplier management for risk, compliance & governance. https://www.hicx.com/podcasts/
#15 | An Interview on Building a Case for Supplier Information Management (SIM) with Stephane Sacherer#14 | An Interview on How Sustainable Procurement Programs Foster a Greener Future with Charlotte de Brabandt & Max Kent#13 | An Interview on Why Now Is The Time to Be In Procurement with Stephen Day#12 | An Interview on Cloud-Based ProcureTech Solutions with James Meads#11 | An Interview on The Rise of Marketing Procurement with Sarah Scudder#10 | An Interview on Data sharing for Machine Learning and AI – Procurement Analytics with Dave Food#9 | An Interview on Trends in the World of Procurement with Daniel Barnes#8 | An Interview on Positive Disruption with Joanna Martinez#7 | An Interview on Transformation in Procurement & Technology with Karthik Rama#6 | An Interview on Learnings From Podcasting on Supply Chain & Procurement With Kelly Barner#5 | An Interview With Jason Roberts on the Five Key Benefits of Supplier Diversity#4 | An Interview with Susan Walsh on the Dangers of Dirty Data#3 | An Interview with Peter Smith on ‘Bad Buying’ & ‘Procurement with Purpose’#2 | An Interview With Giles Breault on How to Approach Digitalization in Procurement#1 | An Interview With Scott Taylor on ‘Telling Your Data Story’