#27 | How To Improve Relations With Suppliers and Build the Procurement Function of the Future

Supplier Experience Live from HICX

Jan 30 2023 • 42 mins

How to improve relations with suppliers and build the Procurement function of the future

In this episode of Supplier Experience Live, we circle back to Dr. Charlotte Anabelle de Brabandt, Head of IT Partner Management & Head of IT Governance US at ZF Group and Max Kent, CEO at Procure Services LTD.

The discussion focused on key findings from our recent Voice of the Supplier Survey and reactions to the results from an industry-insider perspective and a supplier point of view.

With Charlotte and Max, we discussed:

  • Why suppliers find it challenging to do their best work for their biggest customers
  • How relationships with suppliers can be strengthened
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of bad procurement practices to improve your supplier relationships
  • How to deal with the multitude of systems for completing various workflows
  • How self-service and automation enhance supplier relations
  • Questions to consider for your own supplier satisfaction survey
  • How to separate yourself from other buyers and become customer-of-choice
  • How the growing importance of the suppliers’ perspective will affect the evolution of the procurement function