Goal Setting is Grim (And Doesn’t Work)…A Guide to Living Your New Year With a Grin

Cancer and Comedy

Dec 28 2023 • 31 mins

Welcome to this episode of “Cancer And Comedy Podcast.”

As we transition from one year to another, Dr. Brad Miller takes us on an inspiring journey in this New Year's episode of the "Cancer and Comedy" podcast. Delving into the challenges of facing a grim diagnosis, Dr. Miller introduces a unique 4-part process called the ACTS plan to guide listeners toward a more fulfilling and purposeful life. The episode explores humor, spirituality, and actionable steps to navigate detours and setbacks with hope and resilience.

Dr. Brad Miller discusses how goal setting can be grim for those with cancer or other life changes and how a guide can help live in a new year with a grin.

He reflects on how to cope with difficult circumstances, such as cancer, by embracing the Stockdale paradox and persevering through endurance.

Dr. Brad also emphasizes the importance of spirituality in the healing process, sharing his own experiences as a retired pastor.

How can humor, spirituality, and actionable steps transform challenges into opportunities for growth? Join Dr. Brad as he unpacks these questions, offering wisdom and hope to those facing life's uncertainties.

Episode 25 of Cancer And Comedy Podcast is a must-listen for anyone who needs inspiration to adopt a holistic approach to life, moving beyond traditional goal-setting and embracing a multifaceted strategy for personal growth.

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