Cancer and Comedy: Turning The Grim Into a Grin

Cancer and Comedy

Aug 13 2023 • 4 mins

Welcome to the Cancer and Comedy Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller, where we turn the grim into a grin. Each week, we'll be exploring the intersection of cancer and comedy, featuring interviews with top cancer doctors, mental health professionals, authors, teachers, entertainers, and comedians who'll share their own cancer stories.

Your host is Dr. Brad Miller, a retired pastor with a doctorate in transformational leadership, who'll also be providing a faith-based segment. In each episode, we'll explore the healing power of humor to tackle the difficult topics related to cancer.

We'll also have a voice mail segment featuring personal stories from cancer survivors, providing hope and inspiration to those currently battling the disease.

Each episode will be around 45 minutes and will provide uplifting, informative, provocative, and moving stories to help cancer patients through their journey.

In the first episode, Dr. Brad Miller shares his personal story of overcoming cancer, providing insight into the challenges and joys of battling the disease. We encourage you to follow and share the podcast with others who may need a little humor and hope during tough times.

You can find the Cancer and Comedy Podcast at So, join us on the journey of turning the grim into a grin.

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