Bridge the Gap Between Medical Care and Emotional Care with Cancer Doula Talaya Dendy

Cancer and Comedy

Nov 15 2023 • 1 hr 10 mins

In this episode of “The Cancer Comedy Podcast,” we have our exceptional guest, Talaya Dendy.

Talaya is the owner and CEO of On the Other Side LLC. She is also a cancer coach, cancer health equity consultant, mental health first aider, and podcaster.

Talaya's personal experience overcoming cancer inspired her to devote her life's work to advising, supporting, and empowering others diagnosed with cancer.

Listen in as Talaya narrates the time she was diagnosed with cancer, the emotions she felt, and the actions she took to overcome this adversity. She will also tell the career she had taken using her experience with cancer, how she helps people in the same situation, and some heartfelt encouragement.

Talaya’s world started to change when she went to a primary doctor to consult a small lump on her neck and was told not to worry about it. A year later, that small lump grew, and when diagnosed, she found that it was Hodgkin's lymphoma, a form of cancer.

Although feeling scared and having a ton of questions to ask, Talaya remains calm and slowly processes the situation. Talaya knows that working through the different emotions she feels is the first thing she needs to be able to evaluate and think clearly.

Understanding the importance of the treatments she received, Talaya has had a great healing journey, which ultimately led to her survival from cancer.

For people who have just been diagnosed with cancer, Talaya advises you to pause and give yourself grace. Remember how you overcome other hardships. Pray and think about the good things in your life. Just know that this adversity won’t last forever.

Talaya Dendy’s journey shows that no matter how big the challenges you need to face, there’s always a way to overcome them. Just evaluate the situation, think clearly, trust in God, get help from others, and never give up.

Episode 19 of The Cancer Comedy Podcast is a must-listen for those who want to find someone who can guide them through these tough times–a cancer coach who will hold your hand so you can heal and survive. |





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