The Laughing Crying Connection

Cancer and Comedy

Feb 16 2024 • 24 mins

In this episode of the Cancer and Comedy Podcast, Dr. Brad Miller talks about coping with difficulties through laughter and tears. He shares personal experiences dealing with the death of a family member, where he felt both deep sadness and joyful memories.

Dr. Miller explains that while crying is important for the release of emotions, laughter provides perspective that can help transcend suffering. It allows us to focus outward on positive impacts others have had, rather than inward on our own pain.

He encourages letting yourself feel sadness through tears, but also finding humor to gain a broader outlook.

Dr. Miller also tells a story of how getting stuck in grief without laughter's perspective can be unhealthy.

Dr. Miller's goal through his cancer and comedy podcast and website is to help those facing cancer or other hardships cope with hope and humor. He wants to build a community where people can navigate life's challenges with balance and perspective.


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