"Christmas verses Cancer” with Dr. Brad Miller and Deb Krier

Cancer and Comedy

Dec 21 2023 • 34 mins

In Episode 24 of the Cancer and Comedy Podcast, Dr. Brad Miller and Deb Krier dive into the unique challenges of navigating cancer during the Christmas season. Dr. Brad shares his personal experience of being diagnosed with cancer around Christmas 2022, and how the podcast has become a platform to leverage his journey, ministry experience, and love of comedy to serve others.

Dr. Brad discusses the emotional impact of facing cancer during the holidays, sharing personal stories and coping mechanisms.

It is important to maintain traditions while allowing space for new ones, finding gratitude in relationships, and cherishing moments of togetherness. Deb reflects on her own Christmas experience during treatment in 2015 and the significance of being home for the holidays.

Acknowledging the reality of Christmas blues and depression, Dr. Brad offers practical advice on seeking help and being proactive in maintaining mental well-being.

Give ourselves grace, slow down, and appreciate the true meaning of the season. Dr. Brad shares how he redefined his Christmas traditions after retiring as a pastor, highlighting the importance of creating new experiences and focusing on precious moments with loved ones.

Episode 24 of Cancer And Comedy Podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to listen to uplifting stories, emphasizing love, special moments, and the healing power of a cheerful heart.

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