Finding Joy with Johanna Stamps

The WHoly Mom Chat

Jun 28 2022 • 36 mins

Johanna Stamps joins me this week on the podcast. We have both found purpose in igniting joy and our conversation is filled with laughter and wisdom. Johanna shares her journey from burnout to surrender as she left the big city behind and chose to let her plane home fly away while she sat on the beach.

Listen in to learn how she left behind the rhythm of infrastructure in New York to discover the rhythm of nature in South Africa. Her profound wisdom covers topics such as processing childhood trauma, the impact of a truly amazing and historically significant grandmother figure, Corrie Ten Boom, grief, and what it means to truly trust God in each season of life.

Listen in to learn more about:

  • {05:00} Putting family first in this season
  • {005:50} Going to South Africa
  • {06:30} Finding a rhythm of nature versus a rhythm of infrastructure
  • {08:00} Meeting her husband
  • {09: 40} Pregnant and alone
  • {10:04} The next part of the journey
  • {14: 50} Corrie Ten Boom
  • {16:40} Childhood Trauma: deep pain and deep joy coexist
  • {18:30} Encapsulating grief and working to joy
  • {22:43} Handling setbacks

Favorite Quotes:

“I want to start one life well and finish 2 lives beautifully.”

“One of the biggest things was coming to a place of beautiful surrender with my family. And choosing to put my family first in this season.”

“This can’t break me because God has created me with a purpose, so how can I move forward out of this.”

“Every stumbling block can be a stepping stone as well.”

About Johanna

Johanna, a 20-year business veteran both in Africa and the US, decided to step into the role of a lifetime: full-time caretaker to her little one and two elderly parents.  Her current goal is to start one life well and finish two lives beautifully!  Simultaneously, she is using this time to realize a lifelong dream of working one-on-one with people.  Johanna is a certified Christian Grief Coach and is starting a counseling masters program in the fall in order to walk the most difficult parts of life's journey with her clients.  Through her own deep healing, she has discovered a unique aspect of her resiliency, being intentionally rooted in joy, especially during times of significant suffering.

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