Next Level Living with Jasmine Douglas

The WHoly Mom Chat

May 30 2022 • 21 mins

As women in a busy world, we are often influenced by the social norms associated with marriage, living as a woman in our society, and motherhood. And we lose sight of who we are. I am passionate about coming alongside women and moms who are recognizing and returning to themselves. Sharing our stories helps us see we are not alone in our unique stories. To help us on the path to self-discovery and self-care, I am so excited to share my conversation with the lovely Jasmine Douglas.  She is a mom, businesswoman, and recent divorcee. With encouragement and grace, you will learn the importance of being in tune with yourself and living on purpose as she shares her journey of self-discovery and success.

Listen in to learn more about:

  • {04:30} What it means to be in your purpose
  • {06:02} Discovering authenticity in marriage
  • {07:40} Equal partnership in marriage
  • {08:11} Inner work needed to connect to your true purpose
  • {09:40} Learning who you are
  • {11:10} Finding yourself
  • {12:00} Baby Steps and Decluttering your life
  • {13:25} Steps to avoid setbacks

Favorite Quotes:

“I don’t believe you can live in your purpose if you are not being authentic.”

“Your children need to see that you are living your best life and that you are happy too.”

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