From the Bottom of the Pot with Chef Tye Hall

The WHoly Mom Chat

Mar 19 2022 • 25 mins

Food is loved universally. Each culture has different dishes that are appreciated, and well, who doesn't love to eat? Don't forget that cooking is an art too? Not only that, but it can also be incredibly therapeutic and life-changing.

In this episode of the WHoly Mom Chat, Jennifer James sits down with Chef Tye Hall to discuss how Tye overcame the horrors of assault and abuse. Tye shares how her spouse, children, and intense passion for cooking have helped her overcome her background.

Listen in to learn more :

{02:25} Chef Tye Hall shares her story and how she overcame her past.

{03:12} What does the bottom of the pot mean?

{13:30} How Tye takes care of herself and her tips on how you can too!

{15:19} What is it like to buy your own food truck

Philadelphia-born and raised Chef Tye Hall had had a passion for cooking since the age of 8 when she started cooking with her Nana. She didn't start with becoming a chef. In fact, after high school, she went into the Army and served her country. After her tours, she stayed in her profession and became an LPN. It wasn't until she lost her beloved Nana that she hung up her stethoscope, picked up a knife, and worked in the kitchen.

She has served our country, has been a servant in healthcare, and now both she and her husband Reggie, the co-owner of T&R Catering LLC & Common Sense Cuisine LLC, and their food truck, Hooks Lunch box, are serving up delicious comfort foods that are designed to take you to on a trip around the world.

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