WeeWonna Talk


Imagine a podcast just for kids. There’s so much grown-up stuff out there, but kids wonna talk too, and we believe in encouraging open dialogue and creative learning from a young age! Kids: Sometimes, it’s not so easy to talk about things or understand big topics, we know. That’s why we’re here, to explore. And don’t worry, we will always have plenty of fun and surprises. Parents/caregivers: We know how valuable (and daunting) opening up conversation with your kiddos can be. Especially around the “bigger” topics in life. If you’re looking for some support, you’re in the right place.

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09 - Special Edition Candlelight Meditation for Kids08 - Special Edition Candlelight Meditation for Adults
This is a special edition podcast. All of our episodes are really for your children. But we wanted to offer something to you as parents and caregivers during this difficult time. We know it’s not easy to parent in today's world. We are enduring many years of a pandemic and are now facing the uncertainty of war in Ukraine. We know our children have a lot of questions, a lot of uncertainties, a lot of doubts, and we're here to help you. We have a special edition of this podcast also for children, a candlelight meditation, guided by our wonderful nine-year-old Amaya. So just be sure to share that when the time feels right. We want to give you tools and practices that can help you and your children during this time. We just want to encourage you to have an open dialogue within your family about current events. There are many things, especially with war, which children may be curious about and if we don't explain it to them, they may begin explaining it to themselves. We want to be there to help and guide them through this. This episode is just an offering for you. We wanted to offer a candlelight meditation, this time for adults. So, make sure you have a candlelit in front of you and about 10 minutes of undisturbed time. We know that this is bordering on asking for a miracle. But let's see if we can make it happen. This is a practice that we want to talk about. So, when you're ready, we can begin. Reach out to us on Instagram: instagram.com/weareweewoo/ Send us an email: hello@weareweewoo.com Visit our website: weareweewoo.com/
Mar 21 2022
13 mins
07 - Circle Back – Let’s highlight all we learned this season06 - Rain Meditation – Let's clear our mind, heart, and body before starting something new05 - Inner Beauty – Let’s explore what makes us shine04 - “I am me” mantra – Let’s explore what we love about who we are03 - A New Start Song – Let’s sing a special song for new beginnings02 - A Special New Beginnings Story – Let’s write intentions with Amaya & Beezly01 - The Inner Treasure Hunt – Let’s reflect during New Year00 - Trailer: WeeWonna Talk