Encore: Ride to Recovery

The Sky’s the Limit

Jul 20 2016 • 53 mins

My featured guest this week is Ryan DeRoche. Since Ryan's first time being on a bike he has known that's where he belongs. It wasn't until his late teens that he realized that getting people to feel that same belonging was his passion. Ryan had a very successful career in an industry he loved cycling. One day after work that all changed in the blink of an eye, an accident while riding was life changing. We learn about his journey, what he experienced and how his love for being outdoors and cycling served to inspire him. It took him nearly 4 years after his injury to get back into the woods, though being pulled and pushed by his friends in a manual chair, he felt as though he was back where he belonged. Now nearly a year later he has a bike that is adapted to him and allows him to get back to mountain biking. Ryan is a Dedicated mentor to others with spinal cord injuries. Advocate for disability rights. Advocate for Shared trail use in State and National parks.