Discover the Essence of LIfe

The Sky’s the Limit

Apr 6 2016 • 57 mins

My feature guest is Bobbi Courtney, She is a psychotherapist with a Master's degree in Social Work. She began her career and knew she was meant to do more. Her journey of discovery led her to become a holistic psychotherapist and certified flower essence a gem elixirs practitioner, also she's certified in Integrative Aquatic Body Psychotherapy. She shares her rich background of knowledge in Holistic therapy, somatic psychology, and shamanic deep imagery. We talk about her gifts, how she knew what was hers to do, the role of fear on her journey, how she kept inspired and who can benefit from her work. We discuss the power of flower essences and Aura infusions, and how they came to be. She effectively uses them to assist others in healing. Bobbi also offers sessions - individual, group, and telephone. Discover the Essence of Life ,changing old patterns and shifting to a new awaken to live fully the life your were meant to live.