Drumming- The Rhythm of Your LIfe

The Sky’s the Limit

May 25 2016 • 56 mins

My featured guest is Erik Dunton, he grew up like many children playing pots and pans- drumming. His family had a musical background. In his youth he attempted to play the saxophone and his music teacher said I had no business playing a musical instrument of any kind, Erik felt the devastation from those words that did not stop him. It was his love for drumming and his older brother's guidance who was a sound engineer. Erik sought out a career in music, fell in love with recording, and become an audio engineer. This led to countless opportunities, live concerts, TV shows, and recording sessions. He had a successful career yet he still struggled with the words from his music teacher feeling he had no business doing what he's was doing. One day a friend told him this was the Angel that drove me in the direction of serving others needs through music. After years of playing he began drumming circles as a team building for businesses, and focused his efforts on therapeutic drumming. Today Erik operates Positive Repercussions build community through interactive evidence based programs designed to inspire, empower, educate, and engage in an inclusive environment.