Changing Your Perspective

The Sky’s the Limit

Mar 16 2016 • 59 mins

My featured guest is Deborah Schlag, she experienced a (TBI) in January 2003 and has since fully recovered. She's an inspirational speaker, advocate, and award-winning author of her book Becoming the Healer-The Miracle of Brain Injury. She lives in NC with her husband. With his help they have created & founded the Awakenings Center For Inner Healing & Empowerment. We talk openly about her injury and journey from that dark time to her awakening to her Divine life purpose. From the beginning she felt she needed to share all she was learning to assist, empower and motivate others through their healing process. Her book details her recovery, which is remarkable, along with her faith creativity, and belief that no matter what we go through, there's a message or a lesson to be learned. She has experienced miracles in her life, and now works with others and is blessed to be present for theirs. Today she is an inspirational speaker, author, founder living a happy, healthy life helping others to do the same.

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