The A2X Way: Discussing Logistics of Tomorrow


What the logistics of tomorrow will look like - that's what this podcast is all about. We discuss challenges and solutions with industry players who are driving logistics and supply chains forward.
Will nano fulfillment define future cities? - with NoyesFaster. Better. Cheaper. How do platforms change the logistics infrastructure market? - with speizAre platforms saving the world or destroying markets? - with Rail-Flow and CargobeamerRobots as a Service, what is that? - with botsandusA fork without a lift - is that the forklift of the future? - with filics and Technical University of MunichWhich technologies will truly enable green logistics?- with Unleash Future Boats and duisportWhat impact does UX have in logistics companies? - with Cinvio and Deutsche BankWhat’s next in logistics? - with Deutsche BankHow stable are global supply chains? - with Otto Group, Duisport and Orbica