Held In Our Hearts: baby loss counselling and support

Held In Our Hearts

This is the podcast for Held In Our Hearts. We are a local charity providing baby loss counselling and support to families, with over 40 years’ experience of offering compassionate bereavement care in the community.

Episode 12: Introduction to Hospital to Home
Angie talks to Nicola Welsh, CEO and our two new Hospital to Home Workers, Jenni Morris and Christy Mulvaney about our new pilot project, supporting families alongside NHS Lothian colleagues, as they transition from a hospital to community setting. We spoke about the fact that it is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is loneliness, so it felt apt to share more about this project, which will help to address the overwhelming loneliness that families face after their baby has died.Nicola talked about her own journey as a bereaved mum to Theo and how isolating those early days were and how the project came about from her own experience, as well as listening to other bereaved parents, who did not get support from the start. We spoke about the challenges of how difficult it can be for families to reach out and ask for help and make that first phone call or write that first email and how this project aims to take that burden away, ensuring families are supported from the outset.Jenni and Christy talked about how they became involved in the charity and what their hopes are for this new project and their collective passion for ensuring there is equity in access to support for all bereaved families. We then discussed about the challenges that there may be getting the project up and running, but also the opportunities that there are to fundamentally change the way that baby loss bereavement care is offered, reaching in, rather than families having to reach out.We hope that this episode helps share more about our new project and gives a better understanding of how it will fit with the current peer support and specialist counselling services that we offer to families. We also hope that it gives comfort to those listening who may be newly bereaved to know that this service is available or for those who are longer ago bereaved to know that we are continuing to listen to families’ needs and find ways to improve our compassionate care and support.For more information and support on how Held In Our Hearts can support you or a loved one, please visit https://heldinourhearts.org.uk
May 10 2022
49 mins
Episode 11: Journey of a Midwife
Today Tracy Watt talks to Maureen Scott about her journey as a midwife.They talk about the challenges she faced as a new midwife and her journey with Held In Our HeartsShe talks about her own family and in growing up it was never a career that she had thought about. Maureen talks about events that nearly stopped her becoming a midwife after being brutally attacked on her way to work and how friends and family helped her to face the traumatic weeks and months ahead.  She explains how that she was not going to let him win and that she went on to become the person she is today, making sure that families get the best care.Maureen and Tracy chat about the challenges that midwives face now. They discuss how important the training given by Held In Our Hearts has become and also how support for newly trained staff is so crucial, even more so since the pandemic, when resources have been so stretched.They chat about their own personal journey and how on a spring evening on 26th April 1991, Maureen looked after Tracy who went through the unimaginable pain of watching her son Lewis pass away after 19 hours. Maureen was there to support Tracy, showing her how to be a mother, when the reality facing her was the Lewis was not going home. They talk about how they reconnected after many years, ran together and even made it to the newspapers.We hope this episode helps current, future midwives and families listening, in knowing that each journey is unique and how times have changed but ultimately it is about delivering the best of care at the worst of times .
May 5 2022
34 mins
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