God's Purposes Behind Neuroplasticity... Renewing Of The Mind (Part 3).

Life Around "The Fire"

Jan 16 2024 • 32 mins

Two farmers were standing at the barbed wire fence seperating their property. The younger farmer looked at the older farmers beautiful farmland with its bailed hay fields and corn crops and said "God sure has been good to you. Look at all that beautiful land." The oldtimer smiled with a stem of hayseed coming out from the corner of his mouth and looked the young man square in the eyes and said, "You should have seen it when it was just His."
The moral of the story is: God is all powerful and the Earth is His and His creation. But we have a part to play in developing what we are privileged to be responsible for.
God will be God and He will do what is He said He will do.
We are His creation and it's our privilege and responsibilty to do our part.
We don't want to try and reverse the roles.
We don't play God and try to do His part and expect Him to do our part.
This applies to us renewing our minds (neuroplasticity).
It takes both external (God) and internal (self-discipline) stimuli to develop the highest level of change in our experiences of life.
That's the focus of this episode.

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