God's Purposes Behind Neuroplasticity... Renewing Of The Mind(Part 2).

Life Around "The Fire"

Jan 15 2024 • 33 mins

We are all capable of being changed and helping one another experience changes in life.
Change is important but not always easy or even welcomed.
We are all mostly creatures of habit.
Routine and dependabilty provide a type of security and peace for us.
However, some habits are not healthy.
Some habits (routines) are not only time bandits they are harmful and deadly.
Neuroplasticity is the ability we have been created with in order for us to change in those areas.
Some of our perceptions of reality can actually produce prejudice, division, and even violence among ourselves as humans.
The magnified manifest presence of God is the biggest way that we become subject to major neuroplasticity (among other things).
We are going to be unpacking this important aspect of our lives as  we continue to focus upon us growing up before we grow old.
Stay tuned and see where this whole thing winds up!

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