Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs

Peter G. Reynolds

If you're looking for a podcast, but can't find the right one, I have some good news, your search is now done. There are poems and stories and songs that are great. It's perfect for children, ages two until eight. The poems are sweet and all filled with laughter. The stories end well. Happily ever after. So be sure to subscribe and begin to explore. And please don’t forget, there’ll always be more. | Musings and other Nonsense is a children's podcast of whimsical stories, poems and songs. It's perfect at bedtime, car rides or anytime laughter is needed. Please visit www.storiesbypeter.com. | To help cover our production costs, you can support the podcast at www.buymeacoffee.com/musings
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The Typewriter (Halloween Episode)
The Typewriter (Halloween Episode)Shadow of DoubtThe Unbearable ItchLost Hallway: Where do Lost Things Go?Mess Monster Rap!
In this special musical episode, I collaborate with Toronto musician Bloo Burds to create a rap version of the story "Mess Monster". Can a child defeat his own mess before it devours him? Listen to find out. It's perfect for messy or neat children of all ages. If you'd like to listen to this song uninterrupted, visit www.buymeacoffee.com/musings and become a member. You'll get access to perks and exclusive content.  Enjoying the podcast? Please visit www.storiesbypeter.com where you'll find Peter's children's picture book, Lost Hallway: Where Do Lost Things Go and his latest children's chapter book Stitches in Time Travel. Both are available on Amazon. Stitches in Time Travel is also available as an audiobook or Amazon, Audible and iTunes.Click here to purchase a copy of  Lost HallwayClick here to purchase a copy of Stitches in Time TravelHere are some fun facts about Bloo Burds:Since his early days of recording raps on cassette tapes, Bloo Burds has always had a knack for genre-blending and musical experimentation. Within the confines of his bedroom, he explores synth-heavy psychedelic soundscapes, reflecting an eclectic array of influences. Inspired by The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Animal Collective, his music emphasizes introspective lyricism, whimsical melodies, and harmony-driven vocal arrangements. His discography encompasses a wide variety of genres, including hip hop, baroque pop, synthpop, and psychedelia.You can listen to more of his work here:  https://open.spotify.com/album/4ccoKVCladfMihzdrcnOcXSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/musings)
Jun 13 2021
3 mins
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