How a Thriving Mindset Can Help You to Build a Successful Business in the Trades

Toolbox for the Trades

Mar 26 2024 • 39 mins

Devynn Thompson entered the trades with her husband after he decided to establish his own plumbing business.

They faced many challenges along the way and realized they had to learn from their mistakes and embrace constructive criticism from their employees.

By connecting with people in the trades, going through training, having a coach who keeps them accountable, and learning how to delegate tasks, they managed to grow and transform their business into the success story it is today.

As the Operations Manager of Thompson Family Plumbing & Drain, Devynn is on a mission to deliver professional plumbing services to customers in California and Arizona. She stops by to share her entrepreneurial journey with us and how she learned to become a better leader. Devynn also shares her thoughts on comparison anxiety and elaborates on the importance of adopting a thriving mindset.

Join us as we discuss:

  • 05:06: How Devynn went from apprentice to business owner

  • 17:00: How to address comparison anxiety

  • 31:46: Devynn’s delegation process

  • 35:28: The importance of having a thriving mindset

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