An Untapped Pipeline: Expanding a Plumbing Business in Rural Areas

Toolbox for the Trades

Jan 30 2024 • 34 mins

Lance Ball believes that if you don’t challenge yourself, you will never grow. His professional career is a testament to how someone can persevere, reinvent themselves, and seize untapped opportunities.

He likes to assure customers that he has their best interests at heart and wants to give them control over their choices.

As the owner of Aspen Mountain Plumbing, Lance uses his solid industry knowledge and experience to deliver professional plumbing solutions to customers in rural Wyoming. During our conversation, Lance shared how he got into the trades due to a tragedy and how he worked his way up and decided to start his own plumbing business.

Join us as we discuss:

  • [01:50] How Lance got into the trades

  • [11:48] How the desire to deliver good customer service accelerated growth

  • [17:41] Challenges that Lance faced and how he overcame them

  • [28:56] Key lessons for business owners

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