Continuous Learning: Building a Robust Training Culture in the Trades

Toolbox for the Trades

Apr 2 2024 • 43 mins

Ken Midgett is extremely passionate about continuous learning and believes that training is a critical component to the long-term growth of businesses in the trades.

As a professional plumbing service entrepreneur, Ken successfully ran two businesses and helped make the plumbing program at a high school in eastern Pennsylvania one of the most sought-after for students joining the workforce.

As the Plumbing Market Director at Interplay Learning, Ken is on a mission to help service-based businesses build a robust training culture. He stops by to share his entrepreneurial journey with us. He also talks about the importance of investing in training so that it not only turns businesses into profit generators but also helps to build employee confidence and reduce turnover.

Join us as we discuss:

  • 05:26: How Ken got students interested in the plumbing program

  • 19:16: The importance of implementing a training culture

  • 22:09: Why leadership needs to be involved in training

  • 28:00: How organizations can incentivize employees with training

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