Passion Got Us Here: How to Have a Competitive Mindset in HVAC and Plumbing

Toolbox for the Trades

May 28 2024 • 41 mins

Patrick Boldt and Craig Childress are extremely passionate professionals in HVAC and plumbing. Both hail from humble beginnings and thrived in the trades despite facing many adversities.

They decided to take their passion for the trades to the next level and participated in a quiz. Little did they realize that this would take them to Florida, where they would compete with the best in the Elite Trades Competition Series. They both hold championship titles in their respective categories and are now ranked among the country's top HVAC and plumbing professionals.

Patrick and Craig stopped by to share their professional journeys with us. They talked to us about how they got into the trades, what they wish more people knew about their profession, and even provided some tips about the right mindset and skills to have when joining a competition.

Join us as we discuss:

  • [9:42] The importance of vocational schools in training new techs

  • [24:53] What people should know about the work technicians do

  • [33:27] What skills come in handy during the competition

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