OPEN-MINDEDNESS 10 Traits of the Spiritually Advanced (Part 6 of 6)

Exploring A Course in Miracles

Feb 27 2023 • 58 mins

#spiritualawakening #spiritualpodcasts #spirituality #acourseinmiracles In this episode, Robert and Emily finish their tour through the ten traits of the spiritually advanced from the Manual for Teachers of A Course in Miracles. The final trait is open-mindedness, which the Course says is perhaps the last trait we acquire. That’s because it involves truly opening our minds about who people are. Our judgments have quickly slapped labels on them, but now we leave room to let our inner Teacher reveal to us who they are. And that is how we at last forgive—forgiveness, you could say, being the eleventh trait, the pinnacle to which all this is leading. Robert and Emily also summarize the entire picture presented by the ten traits. What is the overall portrait that they paint? How would someone possessing these traits move through the world? What kind of person, in other words, are we ourselves aiming to become? We hope you enjoy this final episode our six week series. ———————————————————————-

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